Supercharging food 2

Yesterday I promised to give you more information about DIY food supercharging. Here it is –

I’ve known for a long time that oats are good for you. They keep you regular. They taste nice. They’re low GI so they keep you full for longer.

But did you know that oats are higher in protein, calcium and essential fatty acids than most other grains? What’s really unique about oats is this stuff called beta-glucan. It’s a soluble fibre that mops up cholesterol. True that. There are a ton of scientific studies that attest to that. In fact, according to James Wong the evidence is about as iron-clad as it gets. In 1997 the US Food and Drug Administration passed a landmark legislation for  oat products to carry a health claim on their packaging stating their consumption could reduce cholesterol and therefore the risk of heart disease. 

The recommended daily dose of beta-glucan (3gm) can be had by eating just 60gm of rolled oats. That’s about a bowlful of porridge.

What’s the best kind? It turns out instant porridge is not it. The thicker, chunkier flakes are better. If you want to supercharge it, add oat bran. It contains 50% more beta-glucan. Or have oat bran on its own. Or blitz the two into a smoothie. Muesli also is a good alternative to porridge.

However, you decide to eat oats, you can supercharge them even more by adding Greek yoghurt, fromage frais or cottage cheese for extra protein. Nuts, seeds or peanut butter provide healthy fats. Add a punch of fruit for  anti-oxidants. Baby kiwi and golden kiwi fruit have the highest nutritional loadings AND serotonin (mood, sleep) , potassium (heart health), fibre (digestion).

Don’t like porridge? Make your own muesli the night before. Just throw all the ingredients together into a bowl and refrigerate overnight. In fact, I can remember doing this very thing many years ago. It was called Bircher Muesli. So delicious. The traditional recipe was developed in 1900 by the Swiss doctor Maximilian Bircher-Benner at his health clinic . He called it the “apple diet dish”. It contains rolled oats, milk, grated apple, lemon juice, honey, cinnamon, nuts, coconut, berries and yoghurt.

While we’re talking oats, they are fabulous for  all over skin care too. Get yourself a square of muslin. A hanky or Chux will do as well. Put a tablespoon or two of oats into it and tie it up with a rubber band. You can use it in the bath or shower to give yourself an all over scrub. It’s soothing and nourishing.

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5 thoughts on “Supercharging food 2

    1. Boith are good for you ! Did you know that if you slice an onion thinly and let it steep in honey overnight it makes a good tonic for throat bugs.
      And a halved onion will mop up bugs from the air. Just change them every few days. Never keep cut onions to use later. They become toxic.

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