Toilet Paper Pandemic Ad Nauseum

I was hoping that common sense would prevail. And life could return to some semblance of normal. At least in the shops.

Sadly it appears this is not the case. Common sense is – not common.

Panic and fear is common it seems. And terribly contagious.

Far worse than coronavirus.

There have been further rationings of loo paper as fights break out in supermarket aisles. Arrests have been made. Security guards hired. To guard – you guessed it – LOO PAPER!

Other commodities are scarce or non-existent too – pasta, rice, canned food, long life drinks, water, hand sanitiser, paper towels, wet wipes, tissues….

Car boot  and ebay  sales of loo paper are common.

A friend of mine encountered an elderly gentleman reduced to tears at the supermarket. He had walked there every day since pension day.

He just wanted to get himself some loo paper, pasta, rice, long life milk.  And missed out every day.  Reduced to tears herself, she supplied him with his modest needs along with a  meal from a local cafe.

This priceless letter was published in today’s newspaper –


With the shortage of toilet paper and other products,

it’s clear we need a central authority

to maintain order and keep the population calm.

Once it’s set up, we could call it ‘the government’.

RJ, Norwood

Raili Tanska

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10 thoughts on “Toilet Paper Pandemic Ad Nauseum

  1. My sister told me today that toilet paper is being limited in our local supermarket to one pack per customer. I’m finding this obsession with toilet rolls rather bewildering because you don’t get diarrhoea with this virus 🦠 lol.

  2. Civilisation has flown – it’s every man/woman for themselves. What was most despicable today was that people are stealing hand sanitiser machines from the hospital where I work.

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