Breaking News – Australia runs out of loo paper

At the risk of overdoing the Coronavirus thing, I just have to do this today.

Australia has gone toilet paper mad. Yes, you heard me. Toilet paper.

Dare I say it?  It has been interesting following the development of the toilet paper social media pandemic.

Toilet paper is flying out the door in unprecedented numbers.

People are fighting over it in the supermarkets.

Most supermarkets shelves are devoid of toilet paper.

On television last night the Prime Minister  urged the public not to be caught up in panic buying.

Woolworths supermarkets have started rationing how many packets you can buy.

Daigo outlets are selling unrestricted quantities, packaging and sending it over seas.

Kimberley Clarke, a South Australian manufacturer of loo paper has gone into 24/7 production of loo paper in order to try and keep up with demand.

Here, for your edification, are my top picks from Facebook –

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Raili Tanska

Stay sane


16 thoughts on “Breaking News – Australia runs out of loo paper

  1. It is just crazy! Funny though – loo paper is so bulky to store and I am imagining people with an entire room dedicated to their toilet paper …going to start feeling sheepish surely

  2. This made me laugh out loud, but I remember the cut up newspapers and would hate to revisit that time of my life.😬 I’ve been trying to buy some hand gel but there’s none to be found anywhere! I would love to hibernate until it’s all over but I have to go out to hospital appointments 🤪

  3. What a hysteria. It would be hilarious if not so stupid. Corona virus isn’t even that deadly. What will they do when the real one hits?

    1. Goodness knows OPher. A friend of mine saw someone selling toilet paper on the side of the road from his car boot!!!! It’s hilariously crazy and stupid ….

  4. Ha ha. Here in the UK its hand sanitiser. We are exhorted daily on the news, on TV, social media banners, doctors texts, every newspaper, to wash our hands with soap for 20 seconds ( or sing Happy Birthday twice). Here, this is an attempt to contain it till the warner weather. UK is a very small island containing obedient people. Second message coming through the media is Keep Calm and Carry On!

    1. We, on the other hand have had further rationings by supermarkets. ANd the four major manufacturers of AUSTRALIAN toilet paper have gone into overdrive to ensure supply. Good for the economy I guess 😁😂

  5. The world has finally gone crackers, Raili. Apparently here in the UK we’re now panic buying loo roll. I had to get some myself earlier, and the shop only had the small, expensive 4-packs. I usually buy the larger packs, but had to make do with three of these. Which makes me just as bad as everybody else, really, when you think about it.
    That HUGE roll would come in really handy, wouldn’t it?
    Funny post, by the way. Let’s ensure we keep laughing!

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