Coronavirus Doomsday Prepping

Interesting toilet paper rolls

Coronavirus has infected the airwaves. It is a veritable social media pandemic.

We went to do our weekly grocery shop yesterday. Toilet paper rolls were rolling out of the doors by the pallet load.

I was in that very aisle choosing my own stash (not doomsday prepping) when I overheard a mother and son having a heated discussion.

Son – But why? We don’t need any.

Mother – Yes, we do!!!

I should have known better, but I didn’t.  Instead, I stupidly butted in, pointing to the almost empty shelves.

Me – Coronavirus. Panic buying.

Son – That’s #%@*&

Me – I agree

Mother – We are being told to stock up. It was in all the papers.  It is not panic buying. It is sensible. It will happen!!!

At this point, I beat a hasty retreat. With my own stash of toilet paper. Not excess. Just the usual.

Then, lo and behold, in the news last night, the local health authorities announced extra-ordinary measures to be enacted, giving police powers to detain those refusing to co-operate with treatment and the recommended two week quarantine if tested postive.

To top this panic-inducing announcement, they also published a list of products, encouraging people to have enough in stock for at least a two week supply. In case…. Quarantine. On the list? Yep – toilet paper. Canned and dried food, hygiene and cleaning products, toilet paper, pet food, prescription medicines..

No wonder people are doomsday prepping and panicking!

Now, just for some commonsense perspective, I recommend you watch this video.

Raili Tanska

Let commonsense prevail

22 thoughts on “Coronavirus Doomsday Prepping

  1. The common sense way for me, is to have a “stash”, in case. Here in the UK, already, people are stashing. Well, if everyone is stashing that causes a problem for those who haven’t! There is too much of “we don’t know” being said by officials. And the desperate response of Governments to contain this new disease, means they do know something, like, maybe, it escaped from a lab so they don’t know what they should know, because it’s an accident. It’s not just flu. Flu? Four days. This Flu? Three to six weeks. Stash Raili. No one will know but you.

  2. If I run out of toilet paper, I’ll go back to using yesterday’s newspaper, etc etc… there are alternatives…. we do not have to like kings or queens…. we need to adapt to situation…. like in the war years….. 💙🌏🗺️🤔🙄

  3. Everyone is going crazy in Australia, oh my, I can’t even buy toilet paper! I have been very disappointed with the media’s coverage of the Coronavirus outbreak so I have recently published an article on my blog about what we should be worried about and how we can protect ourselves and others. If you have time, it would be great if you could check out my post and let me know your thoughts! Thanks 🙂

  4. Scary times, but plenty of opportunities within! I’ve recently wrote about them.

    May these opportunities help you in struggling well.

    Thanks for sharing!

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