Am I losing My Marbles?

rainbow hair 1
The parrot look

I have some concerns about my sanity at present.

This morning I washed my hair. It was long overdue. Greasy, yukky.

I reached for the bottle of shampoo. Squeezed a generous dollop into my hand.

Lathered it in vigorously. Except – there was no lather. It seemed to get sucked in – slurrp!
Oh dear, I thought to myself. Is my hair that dirty?!

So I repeated the process. Same result.

Four times I did this.

Same result every time.

Something triggered the memory pathways in my brain as I reached for the other bottle…

Vaguely – because I cannot wear my glasses in the shower – I saw the word Shampoo on the bottle.

Ooops! I had been washing my hair with conditioner.

Like Tootles in Peter Pan, am I losing my marbles? Or do I need new eyes?

Raili Tanska

Look again



19 thoughts on “Am I losing My Marbles?

  1. Don’t you just love bad hair days Raili… And I am afraid I cannot see the writing on bottles in the shower too without my glasses… So now I buy different coloured bottles 🙂
    Love your hair colours! 🙂

  2. Nothing to worry about Raili. You just put your shampoo and conditioner bottles on the shower stall floor with a big red tag (either cloth or plastic) tied around the bottle and Bob is your uncle. You have to do this with your glasses on before you have the shower, works for me OR buy a black/red bottle of shampoo and and a white one for the conditioner (or whatever colours they come in).

  3. I love the colourful look. If you do delve back a couple of years and do it again I hope you share a photo.

    Thank you for your comforting cheerfulness. I’m heartened to lurk on your page growing lighter as I read after posting something darker myself. Thank you for your loveliness.

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