12 thoughts on “Regeneration

    1. It’s truly amazing, and a bit surreal, to see the new growth emerging.
      Many native species need fire to regenerate. There are some plants now growing that have not been seen for a very long time

  1. The awe of Nature, Raili.
    Are things more or less back to normal there now – and by that I mean with the fires being extinguished? It will take a while longer for the full regrowth to take place I presume.
    Your news has been replaced by the coronavirus over here, which the media are loving, so we aren’t seeing as much information these days,
    Hope you’re well, and have a fabulous weekend!

    1. Yes, TOm. Those raging fires are all either out or under control. We have fires here every year. Just this year seemed to be more of them all at once. And the level of destruction was horrific.
      People are busy rebuilding. As is nature. The forests will be lush and vibrant in a few more seasons. There are species popping up now that have not been seen in many a year.. Some need the fire to start growing.
      Animals, on the other hand, got a big hit. Koalas, being so cute and cuddly, get most of the media coverage, And yes, they were hard hit. But so were many other species. M
      There are animal hospitals tending to the sick and injured, returning them to the wild as soon as possible. Not all make it of course.
      Food is also being dropped in remote areas whilst the native vegetation is recovering as animals were starving.
      Donations have poured in from far and wide. Millions upon millions. As is always the case with donations, fury rages now at the tardiness with which the money is being released for those in desperate need.
      Why does it have to be so slow? Damned if I know. The money was needed immediately as well as ongoing.
      And of course the ugly side comes out too. Looting. Scams, Rorting…..*sigh*
      But people are courageous and resilient. And so much volunteer work is being undertaken to care for the injured animals.
      Coronavirus permeates the news here too. So much fear mongering and doomsday prepping happening. We need to keep a rational and sensible perspective .
      I turut you have recovered Tom. Enjoy your weekend too.

      1. I’m much better than I was, Raili, thank you, and improving every day.
        Pleased to see things more under control with you now. Nature reclaims her own.

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