My New Laundry

Himself has been busy renovating again. Our laundry has been long overdue for a make-over.  It has been a work in progress for a few months. For a small room, it’s a big job.

Old, open wall shelving was removed. Thought to be a good idea at the time, it never really fitted the brief. The top two shelves were simply too high for me to reach without climbing a ladder. And that just doesn’t happen. Step ladders and I do not see eye to eye. I fall off them. So, I don’t. Use them that is.

We had replaced a cement laundry tub with a trendy soft apricot plastic one. Oh dear. That was a bad mistake. FIrst of all, cement tubs are back in trend. Who could have guessed that! And secondly, the plastic one quickly got scratched beyond repair. It was a real eye sore.

For a long time now my front loader washing machine has sat on a bench top. Easier for me with my crook back. Because of some technical thing or another that escapes me, it has had a tendency to ‘walk’. Never very far. and never actually suicidal enough to jump over the edge onto the floor. But disturbingly mobile. What little bench space I had next to the machine was used as storage of all and sundry laundry related stuff.

In the void underneath the washing machine, was another bench. Being deep, a lot of stuff had accumulated on it over the years. Stuff that did not get to see light of day for many years. Quite simply, once at the back, it was lost in the Land of the Forgotten.

Under that bench, on the floor, is Tess’ bedroom. Before Tess it belonged to Jessica. It has been so ever since we moved into the house. That little room just needed a tidy up.

Many long years ago we closed the door that led into the toilet which we made part of the bathroom rather than a separate entry. The space left behind became a slim cupboard. Very slim. We had put hooks in it to store various odds and sods. But basically it was dysfunctional. Next to it was a broom cupboard that was not a broom cupboard. It had shelves.  Another dysunctional cupboard.

Oh, and of course, before anything else could be installed, the whole room had to be painted. One of his favourite jobs. Not. But despite that, he does a very good job.

So, that was the old. Here – in full colour is the new. It is soooooo good!

The bench top is a new product apparently.

It’s called aluminium composite.

Black on one side, white on the other. High gloss. Easy clean.

Wall storage. Boxes instead of shelves. Easy to reach height.

French cleaved for strength. removable and adjustable.

Isn’t he clever!

The narrow width old doorway turned cupboard.Washing machine no long goes walkabout.

The shelving underneath will have pull out drawers for ease of access.

And to stop stuff from re-entering The Land of the Forgotten.


Raili Tanska

Renew from inside out

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