I Painted Parrots

I always thought painting by numbers was for kids. I was SO very wrong as I discovered when I was gifted a kit of flowers to paint

I got hooked. And ordered two more.

The parrots are delightully colourful. And here is the virgin canvas with its plethora of tiny numbers

and spots waiting for the application of miniscule droplets of paint. 

I was so absorbed in painting I totally forgot to capture progress photos.

Until this one

And here they are all chirpy, balanced on a very thin twig.

That was round one. It still needed touch ups.

A missed spot here. A too thin layer there. An over the edge bit just over in that corner.

A magnifying glass had to be loaned from my neighbour’s son so I could see what I was doing.

It’s a far more modern one than I have ever had. It has a small super magnifying circle inside the bigger one.

And Led lights!

And here it is. Painting completed

It now awaits the finishing touch – being framed. Himself will do that.

Like the Christmas stocking, it will be hung with care.
But not over the fireplace.

It will join my portrait of Tess

In the room I am now calling the Animal Room aka as spare room, my craft room, possible second guest bedroom.

It will be joined in the not too distant future by my next one – The CAT

Raili Tanska

Let your Inner Child out to play


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