Sunday Serenity – Rain

Australian Indigenous rainmaking

Indigenous Australians cared for the land in ways we

can only imagine today.

They understood how to live in deep harmony

with nature and to care for country

so it flourished, and rainmaking was part of this.


Australia is burning. We need rain.

Whatever your beliefs may be, it is time to unite.

Substitute whatever words are right for you.

I invite you to join me in an invocation for rain.

Rain dance 


Raili Tanska

6 thoughts on “Sunday Serenity – Rain

    1. It is devastating, Opher, on so many levels. Half of Kangaroo Island off the coast of Adelaide has been burnt. The loss just there alone is massive. As we speak farmers are euthanising livestock and wild life that are beyond rescue. That is just one part of the heartache. 😪😪

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