Single Take – 1917

I’d never heard of a single take movie. Family and friends kept telling us about this brilliant new war movie called 1917. “It is a single take…” they said, as if that made all the difference. Never having been a lover of war movies, unlike himself, this impressive bit of information made no difference to … More Single Take – 1917

After the Fires

The Australian bushfires have attracted worldwide attention. Here in South Australia they are now contained. Keeping them under close observation for potential flare ups is part of the mopping up process. As well as restoring lives, properties and businesses. Elsewhere, there are fires still burning. Bushfires are a fact of life in this country. Many native … More After the Fires

Kim’s Photos – #5

Kim has been experimenting with black box photography. With pretty stunning results! Want to see more of his photos? You have two options – Select Kim’s Photos from my Categories on this blog OR This link will take you to his Instagram page. Raili Tanska