The Lego Master and His Apprentices – Pt 1

The Master and his Assistant

This Christmas we – the two olds in the house – were gifted Lego kits by the younglins.

It’s become kind of a tradition.

These gifts were inspired by the newly released movie – the last of the Star Wars saga.

(Himself has been given various Star Wars space crafts.

And one year the Apollo Saturn V NASA rocket. I got Wall.E )

This year the kits  declared they were age appropriate for 10 year olds.

Who decided that?

We are not ten year olds. Far from it. Far, far….

Yet we needed a Lego Master to guide us through to success.

Otherwise it would have been a D.I.S.A.S.T.E.R

I received a primer test kit to complete. By myself.

Swallowing hard, I dove in and ripped the bags open. Well, gently tore. Experience has taught me to open them very carefully onto a tray. Lest itty bitty tiny pieces fly into nooks and crannies never to be found except by the vacuum cleaner perhaps months, or even years, later.

Forty steps. 141 pieces.

My test kit
Yoda and Luke finished. Some minor assistance required.

 Then it was onto the REAL thing. YODA.  Standing proud at 40cm, grasping his light sabre in his left hand.

Looking fierce.

547 steps. 13 bags of pieces.  1771 pieces. Gulp.

This is the construction manual.

See? It says10+  In my book it should be a whole lot more plusses…

All the Yodas completed

There are three of them. Seriously. Have a closer look.

I was so focused on constructing, deconstructing, reconstructing

calling on The Master for HELP! 

that I forgot to take photos of the working phase.

Yoda guarding our home from the Dark Side

Raili Tanska

May The Force be with you

Part 2

12 thoughts on “The Lego Master and His Apprentices – Pt 1

  1. What a gorgeous time you had constructing those Lego Star-War characters…… When I was young fella, I would be in my corner of the lounge-room happily doing up the nuts and bolts of my Meccano Set……..

  2. Fuuuuuuuuun! I haven’t seen the Yoda Brickheadz until this post 😲! I got the lego BB-8 for Christmas I think 2 years ago and it’s still on the prized posession shelf, lol. I got the blue VW bug this year and the B&W classic Mickey Mouse boat.

    1. Awesome! I love BB-8. My son got the robot when it first came out, It was running around the house being chased by our dog.
      I haven’t seen the bug or boat. I’m going to have to go look on the net.

      1. I wanted that robot, hahah. We used to play with it at the Sprint store when it was in beta and my daughter kept running it under the cabinets where only she was small enough to fish it out 😂😂😂

  3. My Grandson loves putting lego together. He builds these huge spaceships. It is very intricate.
    I took him to the Star Wars film yesterday. I found it very Hollywood cheesy but it was fun.

    1. It is very detailed. They have highly skilled engineers developing the models. Well, truth be told, they get to play.
      Marc, The Master, developed a life long love of Lego from the age of 2.
      I tell myself construction is great for fine finger dexterity and building new neural pathways. I don’t know why they don;t promote it as a cognitive exercise for us olds, like 3D crosswords.
      Our boys have been Star Wars fans g=from the get go. Marc
      We went with the boys to see the latest movie. They picked it full of holes. I just sat back and enjoyed it 🤣

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