Santa is on the move …

Santa has started his reindeer trip from the snows of Lapland to deliver gifts  ….

Meanwhile, here in Australia we are on fire….

water is scarce  ….

thirst is great in Adelaide and elsewhere …

Raili Tanska

May it rain …

17 thoughts on “Santa is on the move …

  1. That map looks a bit frightening, Raili. I hope things cool off and settle down very quickly for you. Enjoy Christmas and the New Year.

    1. Thanks Tom. Even though the map is now a few days old, there are many uncontrolled fires still burning, particularly concerning being the ones here in Sth Australia and the eastern seaboard.
      I hope you have a blessed Christmas and New Year, Tom.

  2. Just a thought. The map is where the fires are? Doesn’t it look too “regular”? Are the fires not purposeful?

    1. The map is now a few days old. There are always little fires burning somewhere, some purposeful. Of more concern are the ones on the eastern seaboard that have now been burning for a couple of weeks. Some are still not controlled. The ones here in SA are bad too, although we have had worse. There is a lot of very dry bushland and scrub spread around the country. Fires start so quickly in those conditions and spread extremely fast. Many are difficult if not impossible to control and need to be left to burn out, perhaps confined. There has been a massive loss of wildlife, stock, houses and several people have died. Sadly, some of the fires have been deliberately lit.
      Many native plants need fire to regenerate. The indigenous population managed the landscape and controlled burns very well. we need to learn from them.

    1. It is not so much spread across the country as new ones flaring up. NSW (the eastern seaboard) is a couple of thousand kilometres east of where we live. The fires here are thought to have been sparked by faulty electrical wires dropping onto tinder dry bushland. Some have been started by dry lightning. Some, unfortunately, deliberately lit.
      All prayers much appreciated. We need rain so very badly

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