Kim’s Photos #4

The photo that pretty well started my love for photography. This is Lake Louise in Canada. This photo was taken around 10pm and even though it looks like I have the place to myself, there were hundreds of people behind me. I was amazed at what the camera was able to capture and wanted to start taking more photos.

Posted Dec 2  2019

This is an image 10 months in the making. The last time I visited the Wirrabra Silo Art in South Australia’s mid north, the Milky Way core was not in the right place. I knew it would be in August though but the weather has not been kind here recently. The recent cloudy conditions had me fearing that I will have to wait another year. Yesterday though the skies were clear and after work I took off for the 250km trip. Upon arrival, I was greeted by some of the clearest skies I have seen with the Milky Way clearly visible to the naked eye. I took the first shot and nearly peed my pants at what came up on the screen. I took barely 10 shots that night, packed up and drove home satisfied that I had captured the image in my vision.  Aug 24  2019

And then the sun came out. Australia’s latest Silo Art is in Karoonda in the South Australia’s mallee land, a 2 hour drive from Adelaide. Renown street artist @heesco was commissioned to paint this stunning image.  Aug  11  2019

Visit to the Adelaide Zoo – Brolga

Oct 9  2019

What do you do when visiting Melbourne? Take photos from your balcony of course.

Oct 27  2019

This link will take you to his Instagram page.

Raili Tanska

Enjoy the scenery

9 thoughts on “Kim’s Photos #4

  1. WOW! Beautiful beyond words. Here in Switzerland, if you are in the mountains, the sky is sometimes clear enough to make out the Milky Way but I^ve never seen it anything like as bright as in this photo. And that bird is brilliant. Thank you for posting these.

      1. I keep saying that one day I’m going to go to a really dark place – Northumberland, maybe – just to look at the stars. But it will probably be cloudy!

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