The Beast of Buckingham Palace

No, this post is not about Prince Andrew.

 It is about the latest book I am devouring. I do believe I have just discovered my next new favourite author. David Walliams as he is professionally known, is an English actor, comedian,writer and TV personality. I first came across him as a judge in Britain’s Got Talent. His ascerbic sense of humour and fun captured me. Then I saw a new book release ad in the paper. Walliams has just released his latest children’s novel. I had vaguely heard he wrote books. It turns out he’s it and a bit when it comes to children’s books. Some even call him the modern Roald Dahl.

Those who know me are well aware that I am a sucker for children’s animated videos. And books. I have read all of Harry Potter, and watched the movies. I was captivated by the seagulls fighting over scraps of food in Finding Nemo. So clever. And who could not love Dory!  As for Inside Out – what an innovative way to expose the inner world of feelings. Most animated movies (the good ones anyway) have so much depth in them for adults to appreciate. But, I digress…

It turns out David Walliams is quite the author. Having secured a contract with Harper Collins in 2008 he has churned out thirteen novels, a handful of short stories, and half a dozen or more illustrated books.  And, as I have just discovered, he has a whole heap of audio books on YouTube. I got absorbed in listening to him read Gangsta Granny and had to tear myself away or I would not get a thing done. His books have such wonderful titles. How about the Demon Dentist? Oh yes, I have to read that one. Or Mr Stink. I know just who to buy that one for.

I have yet to finish reading his latest release. As you plunge into the depths of Buckingham Palace, you are immediately immersed into a story that unfolds visually as the words bounce around the page, font sizes change, words leap out in huge bold letters and sounds clang. KNOCK! THUNK!  CRUNCH! SNAP!

And what a wonderful way to learn about English history. The book simply oozes history. True to form, the map of London 2120 also marks the location of The Statue of David Walliams.  Not to mention that the Palace Library has a copy of the Walliamsictionary sitting alongside such historic tomes as Medieval Torture and Royal Dogs: A Spotter’s Guide. I can’t wait to see what other treasures lurk inside the Palace walls.

I am reviewing this book – reading it that is – to make sure that it’s a suitable gift to give to someone.  You may choose to believe that or not….

Twelve year old Prince Alfred is a sickly young lad who has never stepped foot outside of Buckingham Palace. The year is 2120.  London is in ruins. The world is dark. His world is turned upside down when his mother, the Queen, is dragged away to the Tower of London. Prince Alfred who loves his mother dearly, sets out to rescue her.

I left the story hanging just as he was DONKing down the stairs hiding in a runaway pram his Nanny had to let go of to … ATISHOO!… sneeze. If you will excuse me, I must find out what happens next.


Raili Tanska

Let your Inner Child out to play


5 thoughts on “The Beast of Buckingham Palace

  1. I’ve been a fan of David Walliams ever since I first caught a glimpse of Little Britain with the brilliant Matt Lucas – quite apart from the fact that he’s really a Williams, so we may even be related! He is a very gifted man, and his children’s books are among the best.

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