The Devastation of Fire

This map is now 6 hours old.

Back in November 2015 I posted a story about the devastating Bushfire raging here in South Australia, leaving the state reeling with losses at many levels.

Bushfires are a fact of life in this country. Every summer there will be some somewhere. Victoria, the smallest state, seems to cop more than its fair share. At the moment it is NSW and  Qld. NSW has been the hardest hit so far.  It seems to be abating a bit there and moving further north.

The fires are fierce, furious and unprecedentedly early in the fire season. As I type this, emergency evacuation notices have been issued for residents of Noosa, a tourist town north of Brisbane.

Right now,  a large chunk of the eastern seaboard of this great country of ours is being ravaged by fires that are still out of control. It seems our farmers are well and truly in the wars. So many are impacted by severe drought that has lasted for years, turning farms into dust bowls and livestock either being sold off, dying or having to be destroyed due to lack of water and feed. Now fire.

Fire chiefs have warned of “extreme, severe and catastrophic” conditions in NSW on Tuesday (it is now Wednesday), with temperatures soaring up to 37C.  Three people are confirmed to have died in the fires, while close to 200 properties have been destroyed.

It is not over yet.

Raili Tanska


8 thoughts on “The Devastation of Fire

  1. I’ve been following the fires closely Raili, and I’ve written a poem and a Haiku….. we (Australians) understand the hardships our fire ravaged neighbours are suffering…………praying for relieving rains… xxx

  2. I feel most sorry for all the poor creatures caught up in these fires. Global warming is already causing havoc and we haven’t even got started on that yet!

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