I Am A Portrait Painter

Finally. Saturday the 2nd November arrived.

It had been long awaited.

We got there early, my niece, her mother and I.

To Studio Vino.

Yes, it was an artists’ haven.

One in which you could create works of beauty.

We were booked in to a pop art workshop.

A special one.

To create a unique portrait of our pet.

We had been asked to bring along a good photo.

I took four.

And to pre-select a colour palette

from five different options.

I chose number two – pinks

Tess is, after all, partial to pink

Sat at table armed with a glass of bubbly inspiration

I stared at the blank canvas

and my four photos.

The teacher asked – you have FOUR?

I nodded, thinking perhaps it was too many.

I was confused by excessive choice.

I think she thought I was going to do all four of them.

I eventually settled for the leopard spot  dress print.

At this stage, concentration on creation overtook

photo opportunities…

We were guided step by step on how to create

our masterpieces

Here, I am already at step three if I recall right.


My niece and I were absorbed in the Now Moment.

She has two dogs. She painted both.

Her mother struggled. She was out of her comfort zone.

I need boundaries, she said.

I need proper, real dog colours….

However, she conquered her discomfort

and splashed colours on canvas

And here we are

at the end of a productive, creative, fun night

showcasing our masterpieces

 Arnie the Pug, on being shown his portrait

was not happy.

He barked and growled.

Perhaps he thought he had been usurped

by a Strange Pug.

I was told Tess looks like a cute, fluffy pink teddy bear.

When she saw it herself she was not so sure.

Perhaps she had a touch of

The Arnie Syndrome

I have to admit I was not entirely happy

with the shape of the muzzle, the right eye and the background.

So they have been tweaked.

It is now time to stop tweaking and hang the portrait.


Raili Tanska

Let your inner artist shine


16 thoughts on “I Am A Portrait Painter

  1. I love this ❤️ I find animals quite challenging to paint especially when they’re one solid colour. It looked like a fun day and I hope that we see more art soon. 🙂🙃🙂

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