Spot be gone

For decades I have had this little patch of scaly, rough, dry skin on the outer edge of my eyebrow. I have tried many a treatment to get rid of it. It annoys me. Nothing has worked. Not even a full bottle of Frankincense essential oil over an extended period of time.

So last week, once again, I researched alternative treatments to what goes by such  delightful names as Actinic Keratosis or Solar keratosis. It is a pre-cancerous lesion that can develop on areas with high sun exposure like the face, back of hands, ears, lips. Well, that fits.  It is also  most commonly found in older people with fair skin. Tick. Pale coloured eyes – green counts I guess.  Blonde hair.  Burn easily. Hell yeah!  Do not tan well. That would be me. Go red as a lobster, burn and peel.

As said, I have wanted to get rid of it for a long time. Probably nobody notices it except me, as it lurks in the shadows of eyebrow hair. And I certainly don’t want it to turn ugly.

In my research on Dr Google (gotta love that guy) I found a whole list of things that might work. Scanning the list, I found that a clinical trial using medicinal Manuka honey has been successful.  That stuff is awesome. Apple cider vinegar was also recommended as an option.

I just happened to have a bottle of organic apple cider vinegar laced with honey (not Manuka) and ginger. But it did contain the Mother. Mothers are always good. Even in vinegar. So I thought to myself I am going to have a go with that. I did. Admittedly I was not diligent in applying it at the recommended rate of twice a day, leaving for half an hour and rinsing it off.

I slapped it on and forgot about it. Well, more like dipped my finger and dabbed it on delicately. Didn’t want to get vinegar in my eye. Maybe three times in the last week.

Guess what? It has almost disappeared! How good is that.

Raili Tanska

Don’t dismiss simple remedies


9 thoughts on “Spot be gone

  1. Mr G and I have had a close relationship for years … glad to share him about!

    I still clean with the simple things eg bi-carb, apple cider and white vinegar .. works for me so very glad to find it’s a remedy for spots. We must have very similar skin colouring 🙂

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