Regrowing coral

A coral reef ecosystem

Ever heard of microfragmentation? No? Neither had I. Until I  came across the work of Dr David Vaughan. Basically he cuts coral into little pieces. And then regrows them.  Hundreds of them in one day.  The natural self-healing response to injury creates a cup cake sized piece of coral in four months instead of the usual two years in the wild.  Wild coral can take anywhere from 25 – 75 years to reach sexual maturity. With this method the time-frame is reduced to three years.

How cool is that!

Coral reefs are being killed off faster than they can regenerate, due to factors such as pollution, overfishing and rising ocean temperatures. The projects that have evolved from Dr Vaughan’s work are helping to redress that.

During our stay in Darwin we visited this Maritime Discovery Centre where they had a living coral reef ecosystem. It was fascinating.

Raili Tanska

Never give up hope


10 thoughts on “Regrowing coral

    1. We need to nurture and care for our home instead of treating it like a rubbish pit while raping and pillaging it. The animal kingdom looks after its home better than we do! And we are supposed to be the intelligent ones 😢

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