11 thoughts on “Saturday Smiles – Technology

  1. I felt like rebooting my computer the other night – right out the window. Then it did the weirdest, cleverest thing and I realised I remembered why I chose Asus. These jokes got me thinking. I feel privileged to have lived through times of such change. When I was born, they were rocking around clocks that went tick tock. These timepieces had to be purchased, wound, manually corrected, and they only served one function. Now every electronic item we buy has the time on it, and it’s always right… but it’s a shame that while we were discovering technology, we ignored the health of the planet we inherited.

  2. The biggest technological changes for me were: television, the end of horses and carts in the street, and the electric refridgerator. It is easier to adapt to changes when you are young. I enjoyed this post. Thank you.

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