The Phone Saga Continues

That damn mobile phone. The new one. It is causing me no end of challenges. Or maybe I am stuck in a loop of seniors moments.  Every new mobiIe I  have had (not that there have been many…) has been set up for me by those in the know.

Nowadays those in the know of new technology are not as accessible. They have flown the nest. We don’t even have a two year old to show us the way. So we two seniors  – The Retired Husband and I – are bumbling our way through the set ups. A typical conversation since its arrival four days ago goes something like this –

Me: How do you get this thingamijig to work?

TRH: I don’t know. You have to show me what thingamijig it is.

Me: Oh. Here – this one.

TRH: Stuffed if I know

Me: Why is my phone constantly pinging? I can hear it going off every few seconds. (It was in another room)

TRH: I don’t know. It’s driving me nuts.

Me: I turned down the volume (proud moment as I knew how to do that). But it says it has updated 25 apps??! I’ve only had it four days! Besides, I haven’t downloaded any apps. (that I know of)

TRH: Crazy shit

Me: I didn’t even know I had that many.

TRH: Here – let me show you the app screen.

Me: OMG!!! How did that happen?

TRH: Comes with the phone set up.

Me: Oh. you mean it does it all by itself.

TRH: shrugs his shoulders

Me: I can’t get this message thingy to work! Why not?

TRH: Stuffed if I know. Send  me a message.

Me: I just did

TRH: I got it

Me: Well, why can’t I send messages to so and so? It says so on the screen

TRH: Stuffed if I know

Me: (sigh) I think I’ll put it on charge for a while….

Raili Tanska




16 thoughts on “The Phone Saga Continues

  1. ahhhh! I am in this forbidden land too. Got mothers new senior phone yesterday and trying to set it up. Oh me oh my.And I am not at all sure she will master this thing.

    1. Good luck with that. We still get ‘pocket calls’ occasionally. The first txt was sent by accident to me – a simple ‘m’ 😂😂 And a couple of times the seemingly random pushing of buttons resulted in the whole set up being deleted. Even our IT savvy son had no idea how his grandfather managed to do that let alone how to fix it. He is now on his third phone. The next one will be a Seniors One!!!

  2. When I bought my new phone it automatically did the ‘work’ .. at least that’s how I remember it .. then again my menopausal brain doesn’t remember to well now a days 🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. My phone automatically does everything. I bought all my phones on the net and I learned more about how to set them up by looking up the manufacturer. Plus, usually, there is a tutorial on how to set up any phone on the net.

    1. Good points, all of that. I have been spoilt with others doing it for me. Not everything I needed transferred across with the SIM. All fixed now. My son came for a visit and had it sorted in 5 minutes!!!

  4. I haven’t changed my phone for years, but I made the mistake of changing my phone and internet supplier earlier this year. What a nightmare! They made every mistake in the book, including depriving me of services more than once. One time I was on a bus when I got a message to say that I’d been cut off because I hadn’t paid my bill. Their fault. I’d given them direct debit info but they’s messed it up. I called them up, furious, and was put on hold for over half an hour. I entertained a busload of passengers by ranting down the phone at a recording of bad music, interspersed by a sugar-coated voice telling me the line was currently busy. Then someone at the other end picked up while I was ranting and it took me a while to notice…

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