Nut Milk

It seems using the word milk to describe liquid derived from non-dairy sources is a no no. This matter has  been seriously discussed apparently. Listen to what a Nut Milking farmer has to say. Raili Tanska Enjoy nature’s bounty  

Spot be gone

For decades I have had this little patch of scaly, rough, dry skin on the outer edge of my eyebrow. I have tried many a treatment to get rid of it. It annoys me. Nothing has worked. Not even a full bottle of Frankincense essential oil over an extended period of time. So last week, … More Spot be gone

Regrowing coral

Ever heard of microfragmentation? No? Neither had I. Until I  came across the work of Dr David Vaughan. Basically he cuts coral into little pieces. And then regrows them.  Hundreds of them in one day.  The natural self-healing response to injury creates a cup cake sized piece of coral in four months instead of the … More Regrowing coral

Tess’ Week

Hello, I’m Tess. You’ve probably seen me around this blog on and off. My BFF human tends to throw me into her stories at random times. This time I get my very own story. Why? Because the last week has been pretty busy for me. One of my human brothers came home for a week. … More Tess’ Week

The Magic of Mushrooms

I’ve written about mushrooms before. And shared with you some fascinating mushroom trivia, including a recipe for The.Best.Ever mushroom soup.  I have recently found  yet more interesting information about how just good they are for us. Just about any edible mushroom will provides a healthy dose of nutrients. However, some have super powers.  A recent … More The Magic of Mushrooms