Tess’ Week

Hello, I’m Tess. You’ve probably seen me around this blog on and off. My BFF human tends to throw me into her stories at random times. This time I get my very own story. Why? Because the last week has been pretty busy for me. One of my human brothers came home for a week. … More Tess’ Week

The Magic of Mushrooms

I’ve written about mushrooms before. And shared with you some fascinating mushroom trivia, including a recipe for The.Best.Ever mushroom soup.  I have recently found  yet more interesting information about how just good they are for us. Just about any edible mushroom will provides a healthy dose of nutrients. However, some have super powers.  A recent … More The Magic of Mushrooms


I know. It’s a weird thing to write about. Just bear with me for a bit. Did you know that hedgehogs, porcupines and echidnas are not related? And here I was, thinking they must be ‘cos they all have spiky things. But it turns out that echidnas, one of those weird and unique Aussie animals, … More Hedgehogs