Seniors Phone

Have you ever noticed that touch phones are tricky things to navigate? I’m not sure whether my fingers are bigger. Or clumsier. My vision seems a tad blurred too. And don’t dare talk to me about predictive texting or autocorrect! It’s the bane of my life. At times I readily admit that I am not as nimble of finger or mind as I used to be when I was young and beautiful. But I CAN learn. I know. I do crossword puzzles every morning.

Smart phones, we are told, are smarter. Sure. I have been heard to complain I just want a phone to make and receive calls. Truth be told, however, I do want more than that. I dropped my mobile and it went kaput. I am still waiting for my new one to arrive in the letter box.  It will be a whole new learning experience.

We have had other phone issues too the last few days. Having an elderly parent living many thousands of kilometres away can be difficult when issues arise. This is exactly what happened this week. Himself was on and off the phone countless times, interpreting and relaying information back and forth. If only it had been that easy.

Mobile phone reception was shocking. Not only shocking. Impossible at times as for some reason on the other end the mobile had been muted. No amount of yelling could change that. Someone had been fiddling with settings. Disconnect was the only option. Stress levels were skyrocketing. Then the landline rang. At the same time as the mobile. Which to answer?

Eventually it all got sorted out. But it left its indelible imprint. A bruise on the psyche and a nervous twitch whenever the phone rang.

In frustration, I mentioned to a friend that we need a mobile phone that has big buttons, a big screen, with a big font and no fancy bells and whistles.  I thought it was wishful thinking. How wrong I was! We must not be the only ones experiencing this problem.

They make Seniors Phones!  Where have we been? Obviously caught in some kind of time warp. Dare I say out loud, we too are seniors….

Aka as Pensioner Phones they come with the exact very features I had rattled off. And more. How good is that! They have SOS buttons and are hearing aid compatible. Made to assist independent living. Some even have different language options  as part of the package. Just what is needed.

That information has now been forwarded to himself as a stress relieving option to consider.

Raili Tanska

Keep up with the times

10 thoughts on “Seniors Phone

  1. Whoa…they do? Senior phone…I will need one…😱 though am not there yet!
    I have been fidgeting with idea of ditching my smart phone for a while…Actually its ever since my 7 year old son has taken more interest in phones than superman. I don’t want him to grow up! And I will love a Nokia ..old style.

    1. Thanks Janet. You’re right, they do. M just needs to decide what to do as he has not that long ago replaced the phone. A simpler, more user friendly one would be much better.

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