A well travelled monkey

Harriet enjoys an English cream tea courtesy of Buckingham Palace.
Royal Collection Trust/Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2019

This heart warming story was in the paper today. I just had to share it.

Harriet, the toy monkey, lives at the Woodside kindergarten in the Adelaide Hills. The kindergarten has a team of travelling monkeys that accompany the children on holidays. Photos and stories of their adventures are used to teach the children. Eight years ago Harriet arrived at Woodside. She has now been joined by five other friends doing this important work with her.

Well travelled with various friends who attend the preschool, Harriet recently got left behind in the UK. In Buckingham Palace no less. When 5 year old Savannah returned home, she and her friends wrote a letter to the Queen asking for her return. To their delight they got an answer just a week later.

Harriet the toy monkey at Buckingham palace.
Picture supplied

Buckingham Palace emailed  and sent letters to let the children know she had been found and just what Harriet had been up to.

They got far more than they bargained for. The staff at the Palace had gone to a great deal of trouble to find Harriet. But there was more to it than a mere return. Staff also packed photos of Harriet’s visit to the Palace, a children’s book called “Does The Queen Wear Her Crown In Bed?” and a new toy, Rex the corgi, to accompany Harriet on her long journey home.

“Thanks to the pictures you sent us, we had another search and found Harriet hiding in the sheds behind the family pavilion, no doubt living off our tea and scones,” the letter read. “As much as we love having Harriet around it is now, of course, time for her to go home.”

“They decided she needed to repay all the scones she’d eaten by working for a day as a member of the visitor services team,” Mrs Herringer said.

“They sent us more than half a dozen photos of Harriet in different poses with different staff members … doing jobs around Buckingham Palace.”

It’s uplifting stories like this that restore my faith in humanity.

Raili Tanska

Let your inner child out to play


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