He Got 2 Golden Buzzers

Renowned for his didgeridoo playing, actor, presenter and performer Mitch Tambo scored two golden buzzers for his recent performances in Australia’s Got Talent. His blend of  indigenous traditional and contemporary  languages, rhythms, dance and beats make his performances spell binding. Mitch Tambo is a proud Gamilaraay/ Birri Gubba man currently based in Melbourne Australia.  Enjoy. I did.

If you only want to watch one video – make it this one.

For those of you who cannot access the above videos in your country for some reason, here is one I’m hoping will work –

Raili Tanska



4 thoughts on “He Got 2 Golden Buzzers

  1. Thank you for this. I don’t watch the show (even though I know I miss some amazing things like this). (It’s the presenters!) Anyway this young man is a wonderful ambassador for his people and it makes me proud to be Australian. I’m sure John Farnham would be proud too.

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