A unique art

Last night we watched the semi finals of Britains’s Got Talent – The Champions. The best of the best world wide competing to win. The talent was pretty awesome. But one stood out head and shoulders above the rest for several reasons.

Kseniya Simonova is a Ukrainian sand animation performance artist who also works in the mediums of graphic design, illustration and cinema. She holds the title of Merited Artist of Ukraine and in 2009 rose to international prominence  after winning the Ukraine’s Got Talent television contest.

The medium she chose to work with was very different and so interesting. Her skill at painting with sand made it look like a walk in the park. The sign of a true expert. The word-less story she told was captivating. Heart centred. She dedicates her work to all the children who are battling cancer. Her message to them is: Never Give Up. Here it is – enjoy.

Raili Tanska

Never Give Up

Image Credit: Google Images



15 thoughts on “A unique art

      1. But, but,but you’re in Australia. I’ve got it. It’s about licencing. The BBC is a non-commercial station. If we want to watch BBC (or even the commercial channels, dammit) we’re supposed to pay a licence fee, since somebody has to foot the bill. They don’t want irritating people like me – who have no TV and therefore no TV licence – to watch their shows.
        I have a long history with the TV licencing people. Several times a year they send me a threatening letter. They seem to think they are God, and yet they don’t even know that I don’t need a licence!

      2. We had to pay for licence here for a very short time, decades ago. I think the people revolted – I hope. I don’t know as I was but a wee ‘un.

      3. That’s great news. I couldn’t make it to our march as I’d screwed up and arranged for a new (secondhand) armchair to be delivered. but I got there in time for the speeches, some of which were delivered by friends.

      4. She’s amazing! Just think how different the world might have been a Greta T in every decade of the last century. What cause would there be left to fight for?

        …Freedom of speech for locusts, maybe, or for avocados to be made available free on prescription for everyone who likes them… come to think of it, I might start an avocado campaign 🙂 🙂 🙂

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