It’s all in the numbers – #2

Only yesterday I posted the first in this little series about painting with numbers. I thought it would take me a bit longer to finish. But I did it. Finished last night (or should I say this morning) at 1am

Through the magnifying lens

It has been a marathon effort to finish this challenging bit of painting. Admittedly himself did provide a bit of impetus. Last night he would not let me go to bed as he was in the middle of watching a scary movie. Which he could not watch without my comforting presence. So I sat with my painting while he was absorbed in being scared.

Picture emerging nicely

The filling in of those hundreds of microscopic dots was so tedious. It required constant washing of the brush to change colours. And those damn little pots are incredibly hard to open as well.

In the end I unleashed my inner creative artiste and began to blend my own colours. Lots of pots open. A dab of this mixed with a dab of that. And splashed on to this, that and the other spot. Seemed to work.

I even managed to salvage the hidden face on the vase. I had sort of lost it with splashes of paint going where they did not belong. But – I re-invented it! All by my myself.

There’s a face in there…
… and here it is

Now for the unveiling! Pretty happy with it.

Ta-dah  –

Raili Tanska

Dare to push the boundaries


20 thoughts on “It’s all in the numbers – #2

  1. Wow Raili, once again you have impressed me with completing this painting. I know from FAILED attempts that painting by numbers are not easy to do. I love the hidden face. I hope this is going up in the guest room then I can inspect it further when I visit you 😇

  2. Something new for you? Paint-by-Number, I mean. Been out of the loop so long I’m totally lost! That’s a beautiful picture, btw. Takes much more patience than cross stitch! Well done, girl! It’s gorgeous.

      1. Fingerscrossed you-know-who will be hooked. It’s great for mindfulness. And there is a never ending variety of themes, some of which I am sure will grab his attention!

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