A Sailing He Will Go – Pt 1

This map shows the purple dot = me

Sometimes life drops unexpected surprises in your lap. This week himself- the retired one – copped one of those. And viraciously so did I.

A long planned self sail catamaran cruise in the Whistunday Islands off the coast of Queensland had a vacancy. Someone couldn’t go. And himself was asked to take their place. Really? To the Whitsundays? Sailing in the tropics in the middle of winter? Really?!!!!

Surprisingly, he procrastinated. And thunk. Deep and hard. In the end he succumbed. Now I am a temporary sailing widow holding the fort at home with the fur baby.

He’s gone for a seven day cruise. Topped and tailed with a stay in Brisbane with his old man. Bonus. So away for three weeks. Probably.

I am stationed at the purple dot in Adelaide. He and his bro flew to Brisbane, stayed a couple of nights. Then drove up the coast to Proserpine in the old man’s car. A roadtrip of some 1100 km. Australia is a BIG country. From the purple dot to Brisbane, as the crow flies, is 1620 km. If you drive the shortest route it’s still a heck of a lot longer than that.

Named by Captain Cook, the 74 Whitsunday Islands, mostly uninhabited,  span the  northeast coast of Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef.

Now you would be right to assume that this Southern Hemisphere paradise is a popular tourist destination for people from all over the world.

And that, my friends, is where himsef is as we speak. Sailing the high seas of the balmy tropics. Soaking in the sun. Breathing in the briny air. Feeling the pounding of the waves underfoot. A gentle tropical breeze  would be tousling his hair if he had any.

Today is Day 1. I expect he is not regretting his decision. But I could be wrong……

Nara inlet, Whitsundays
Hook Island, Whitsundays

Reporting from my desk in the cold, wet, wintery deep south. As the photos fly across the waves, I will share more of this unexpected cruise with you. If I can thaw my fingers for long enough….

Raili Tanska

Seize opportunities as they present




13 thoughts on “A Sailing He Will Go – Pt 1

  1. What a glorious dream trip Raili, I hope the weather remains sunny and fine for TRH, the photos are beautiful, thank you for sharing…..

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