The Week That Was

Yes. I know. He looks grumpy.

That’s probably because he was. In the last week he has had cataracts removed from both eyes. A week apart. First one was a breeze. Done and dusted in two hours in a walk-in /walk-out  eye clinic. Most of that time was spent resting in a reclining armchair with nurses fussing around him. Who wouldn’t like that. A review with the doc in the afternoon. Patch removed.

Amazement. He could see long distance better than when he was in Grade 1! And that is a looooong time ago. Not so good. His prescription glasses no longer work for reading.

Downside? Only if you consider three different kinds of eye drops to be dripped into the eyeball four times a day, spaced five minutes apart. For a month.

A week later back for the next eye. This time the experience was not so good. You see (🤣🤣) he is not asleep for this procedure. It is routine. And quick. But this time it hurt. So the good doc splashed in some more anaesthetic.

This photo is taken after he came home. No driving for 24 hours. No alcohol for 24 hours. No lifting. No bending. Just rest and dripping of drops in both eye balls. One of which feels gritty.

And he can no longer see to read.  Long distance vision is perfect. His prescription glasses are now useless. But new ones cannot be issued for at least a month to give the eyes time to heal and adjust.

So he is now getting by with my old reading glasses. And has discovered that there is a pair of individual lens adjustable magnifying glasses on the net. So they are on order. He figures that is all he will need.

Raili Tanska

Life is good.


8 thoughts on “The Week That Was

    1. It is a pretty routine procedure these days. The op itself only takes ten minutes. Recovery for a couple of hours, then home and back for a check up later. M is all good now. Eye feels better, no longer bloodshot. Just the drops four times a day and another review in a few months time.

  1. I had a cataract removed a few days ago too. I only had one which developed after a vitrectomy on that eye last December. The surgery was dreadful as I suffer from restless legs and had a reaction to the anaesthetic. Apparently I was jumping all over the operating table and my blood pressure, usually normal, went up to over 200. All good now, but I will have to find out what was used and make sure it’s never used again. Given the reports from the surgeon I’m wondering why he didn’t abort the procedure as it could have been disastrous. All good now. I can see in the distance with the newly operated eye, and the other eye is good for reading. Both eyes seem to be adapting.

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