Black As – it’s an Aussie thing

This docuseries has just recently come to my attention.

Black As follows a group of energetic young Aboriginal men through Arnhem Land providing access and insight into Aboriginal culture and community in a remote part of Australia. Their idea was to show the outside world this amazing bush life of hunting and living off the land, stories of survival, adventure, cars and near disasters.

Jerome, Chico and Dino are Yolngu men who live and grew up in Yathlamara, a homeland near the community of Ramingining in East Arnhem Land, Northern Territory. Non-Aboriginal Joe moved to Ramingining as a child and grew up with the others. He was adopted by a local family and is considered part of the community. All four men have gone through Aboriginal customary law and live by all cultural and societal codes expected of them as initiated men.Source: Black As (Film) – Creative Spirits, retrieved from

Raili Tanska



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