3 thoughts on “Sunday Serenity – Quiet Mind

  1. Thank you so much Raili for such a timely post. This last week especially I have been experiencing extreme tension in my shoulders and hip which I think is associated with getting stressed about two forthcoming social events next week involving train travel and a week’s stay away from home. It is my brother’s 60th birthday meal on Friday 5th July and his University formal reunion dinner the following evening.I stressed about dresses etc and have sorted but I think the real stress source is that I have not visited the city since I visited in 1980 with my late mum for my brother’s graduation and am wondering what memories such a visit will trigger.
    I am pacing myself and earlier in the week I decided to have a temporary blogging break which I will be posting about. Since the beginning of 2019 my daily journalling practise which keeps me grounded has reduced. I feel a temporary break from blogging will free me up to generally touch base again.
    Thank you for all your words of encouragement and take care.
    Hopefully i can work on some meditation also 🙂

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