12 thoughts on “Saturday Smiles – The Irish

  1. I love Irish jokes. In the UK we’ve become so politically correct that we daren’t repeat this kind of stuff. A few weeks ago someone donated a hilarious book from the ’70s. It was filled with cartoons, poetry, quotations and satirical pieces about Hitler. The forward was written by Arthur Lowe (from the TV series Dad’s Army) and most of the illustrations were original wartime ones. I wasn’t allowed to put it out for sale. I know there are good reasons for this, but it made me sad, since it’s part of our history and our culture. It’s not as if it even encourages rcial hatred, since Germans also despise Hitler. It left me wondering whether, in years to come, all ‘anti’ humour (anti Trump and anti Thatcher et al) will be banned.

    Getting back to the Irish – we all laugh at Irish jokes, yet – surely – we all love the Irish. I’d love to to see more jokes that poke fun at the stiff-upper-lip qualities of my race.

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