From the Man Cave and My Craft Corner 2

House renovations continue. Contrary to what I said in my last post about this, I was pleased to find I could actually take a semi decent photo of the recently renovated hallway.

‘Let there be light’ is what happened miraculously when the little round skylight was fitted into a dingy and dark hallyway. It had been considerably lightened by then of course with a new dress coat of light paint.

The floor will be done later with a continuation of the same flooring from the kitchen/dining/TV lounge. In the meantime the trusty old handloomed rugs made by his mother serve to cover the scratched and paint splotched old floor.

To my surprise, he has had a burst of second wind and moved on to give the laundry a much needed make over.

It doubles as Tess’ bedroom.  She is taking a keen interest in the activity that is happening in there. So far it seems to be getting the woof of approval.

When we bought this house many long years ago, the toilet and bathroom were separate. Entry into the toilet was via the laundry. We closed that off, turning the doorway into a shallow cupboard.

As often happens, the years have provided a wealth of wisdom and ideas when it comes to renovating.  The first step in the laundry re-vamp was to change this cupboard. It had become a useless and ignored bit of space.

Old louvred door

I may have mentioned a few times in previous renovation posts that TRH (The Retired Husband) had a particular passion for louvred cupboard doors. They let air in, he said. They let dust in and on, I said. Right from the very beginning I told him I HATED them. Did he listen? No. He did not. In fact, when they were no longer available to buy (was that not a strong clue they were no good?!)  he had them made! Every cupboard  that needed doors had louvred doors installed. He has been heard to say a gazillion times, he has never stopped making cupboards. And I have never stopped filling them. Both claims, in fact, are true. It would be the ultimate act of betrayal and lack of respect for me not to make use of them.

However, when it came time to renovate, refresh and renew, I made a point (a very STRONG point) of insisting that the louvred doors are to go to their eternal rest. As in never, ever, ever to be reborn. To his credit, this time he listened. But instead of buying new doors, he renovated the old ones.

Laundry cupboard door

It has been a massive undertaking. Because there are so many of them. What he did is remove the louvres. Install solid sheets in their place. And paint the whole thing. They look good. At last, I am happy with the doors.

Shallow laundry cupbaord

As I am also very happy with the functionality of the new shallow cupboard. True to form, I have filled it. It’s surprising just how many bottles of this, that and the other were hanging around in clusters in laundry.

I avoid using chemical laced household products as much as possible, having slowly replacing them with less deadly and environmentally friendly alternatives.

Tess is happy too, as the top shelf is devoted entirely to her.

There will be more laundry reno updates as the work progresses. And more novel storage solutions….

I too have been busy crocheting. Lana the Lame Llama was so excited to welcome her twin baby brothers, Larry and Lenny.  And get to meet Katy Katerpillar.

Raili Tanska




12 thoughts on “From the Man Cave and My Craft Corner 2

  1. I love the door make over, and I love that hallway runner. Gorgeous! I see we’re in similar places in time – both concentrating on the home front. Winter perhaps,

    1. Winter is a time for hibernating, isn’t it. Not that we’re doing much of that – apaart from the major morning sleep ins, and mid morning, after noon naptimes …🤣🤣

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