4 thoughts on “Sunday Serenity – nanna nap

  1. Nice meeting you, Raili! It is interesting to hear about someone who has moved from Finland to Australia. The I was young I heard that some Finnish people left Finland for a better life. Or different life. They must have been courageous and well-organized. It is a common fact that very skilled people might move abroad. Have a nice day! We have the election day today in Finland.

    1. Nice meeting you too Ritva. You have the same name as my sister. My parents moved to the other side of the world to make better life. And it worked. I can only begin to imagine what courage it took for them to move us all to a totally foreign land where none of us could even speak the language. And everything about it was so different.

  2. Do you know Olavi Koivukangas, who has been working at Siirtolaisinstituutti in Turku? I have a podcast at Spreaker Rundgren Podcast. There is a podcast about a woman who moved to Sweden in the sixties and have lived her life there.

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