It’s Time to Let Go – of Stuff

We’ve ordered a council hard refuse kerbside pick up. It’s happening this Friday.

What that means is there will be a flurry of sifting, sorting, decluttering. A process of deciding what has to go. What might go. What must be kept.  I started that yesterday.  There are little, and not so little, piles of stuff scattered around the place, inside and out.

Plant pots no longer used. My creaky old bones and joints no longer want to do more than necessary. So the pot plants have been seriously culled. I have kept some old favourites that refuse to die in spite of my questionable gardening skills. One in particular has survived over 40 years. That one deserves a medal. And a repotting come spring.

The Retired Husband (TRH) has a favourite saying come spring time. “Oh – you bought more plants to kill!” I used to be outraged. I do not aspire to kill anything. Except maybe unwanted house invaders like white ants. OMG that was a horrid tale of destruction that went on for months. And a full scale military style extermination assault. And forced serious decluttering.

Other insect varieties get shown the door. They have one chance of escape, that’s all. Spiders get trapped in a glass and released back to the wild. Where they belong.

Old indoor furniture  has been replaced. They lay in the carport awaiting their munch, crunch  fate.  Yay! Rusting old outdoor furniture no longer used is also lying in wait. Unless some passer by decides they want to rescue and repurpose them. They are most welcome.

In amongst this flurry of sifting and sorting, himself has re-engaged his ManCave renovater self. He is busy getting on with doing  stuff inside. Like repainting and/or replacing old doors. Soon we will be renovating his office. That will be an undertaking of herculean proportions.

It does feel good to let go of ‘stuff’ that is just hanging around unloved and forgotten.

Raili Tanska

Release the old

16 thoughts on “It’s Time to Let Go – of Stuff

      1. I have my own method, 3 piles, 1 charity shop, 2 ask the family if they want something, 3 bin 🗑 it, I came across birthday cards, my engagement cards, they all went apart from one card from my mum 🥺 I will hang on to that for a while longer.

  1. I get too attached to let stuff go. I always find that the week after I’ve got rid of something is the very week I find I need it.

    1. I’m cringing at the thought of venturing into our old garden shed that has been converted into one of places where stuff ‘gets stashed’ – but must be done…. job to start today 😵

  2. Makes me glad I only have three rooms and… arrgh… a closet. At least, it was a closet when I moved in, but since then I’ve shoved in a whole warehouse full of stuff. Maybe the back wall has collapsed into my neighbour’s flat and everything has gone cascading down on top of her. Come to think of it, she has been very quiet lately…

      1. I opened the door the other day and several boxes jumped off a shelf onto my foot. I beat a hasty retreat and barricaded myself into the bedroom. I’m OK; don’t worry about me. Every few days someone swings by to throw a bunch of bananas or a bag of lentils through my window, so I won’t run out of food before the SAS finish clearing out my closet. There have only been six fatalities so far, although one poor man had to be taken away in a straitjacket. He was screaming about monsters made of copper and lace that had tentacles and four staring eyes. I tried to explain I wanted them left there since they were my siblings… 🙂

        I could rabbit on this way forever, but I think it’s time I stopped.

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