Jane is one of the best writers I have met through blogging. I have the privilege of calling her my friend now. This is a brilliant read.

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Making it write


Image adapted from: photo by Peter Drier

(An everyday tale of love and marriage)

”Be mine.” he whispered, ”You are my chocolate coated limousine, my deepest bungee jump, my highest school yard leap-frog, my cool breath in a heated discussion, my hot water bottle at the frozen peak of mount Everest, my favourite cheese grater, my mix of perfect concrete.

”Stand on me, and crush my brain with the power of your sub-atomic love bomb; your over-exposed throat; your agile knife sharpener; your ready whittling and all of those things that you hide beneath the tittle-tattle of a thousand silences.

”And I will teach you to ride on the back of a butterfly as it flits from flower to flower; to scale the heights of fishes underground; to extract kettle fluff from the painting of the Mona Lisa; to build an atom from an elephant; to ignite the stars using…

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12 thoughts on “Promises

    1. No, it’s not just you. It is terribly sad. I wrote it several years back, one day when I was gripped by hilarity. When I read it back, I was shocked at what I had written. In this instance it’s fiction, but we all know there are men and women who are so damaged by abuse that they become abusers themselves. My protagonist was very self-aware, but she hoped she could change. When she discovered she couldn’t, she took herself off to the woods to live in solitude and peace. At the time of writing, I’d just spent six months living in a tent in the woods. I had been happy there.

  1. You reblogged Promises! Thank you!

    I wrote this about three-and-a half-years ago. Reading it back, I see that it contains a few weaknesses. I think I’ll edit it, then post it on my new blog.

      1. Now that will be interesting. I am trying to find the courage to take up his offer of giving feedback on three posts. I look forward to reading your Sir Paul critiqued new version. Might push me in the right direction.

      2. Take him up on his offer. He can be very helpful, although he didn’t like my edit. so I’ve toned it down a bit. I’m hoping he won’t notice the difference 🙂 He’s been so kind as to write my About page for me, which I’ll be publishing today.

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