Glowing Skin

This is all about Lanimal-175033_640ooking Gorgeous! Using ingredients mainly from your kitchen cupboards. Following the usual skin care regime, here’s some tips on getting your skin to glow – 


A really yummy deep facial massage cleanse with essential oils:

1 -2 teaspoons of an organic vegetable oil

A drop of one or both Lavender, Frankincense essential oils. They are good for any skin type.

(tip-  use the same essential oils for all steps of the treatment)

Put the mixture in the palm of your hand.

Rub your hands together to warm the oils.

Smooth it over your face (and neck). Use slow, circular massaging movements. It stimulates circulation – and assists absorption.

Relax. Take your time.  Enjoy the massage.

Soak a washcloth in warm water.

Hold over your face until it cools.

Gently pat your skin to remove released residue.

Rinse washcloth. Repeat process until your face feels refreshed.


Your skin replaces itself every 30 – 60 days. How awesome is that!

You can help it along by exfoliating. But too often is damaging.  So how can you tell if you need to do it? Stick a bit of clear sticky tape on your forehead. Gently rub it  and then remove. If little pieces of flaky skin are on the tape, you need to exfoliate! Pretty neat little trick that one.

Did you know that coffee grounds are good for exfoliating? Save your used coffee grounds and try one of these:

  • Mix coffee grounds with egg white and  a few drops of your favourite essential oil
  • Mix coffee grounds with coconut oil and a few drops of your  favourite essential oil

OR if you are an avocado lover, keep the peel. Wash it and use the external side of the peel to exfoliate your face. Save the internal bit to use as a mask.


The ideal pH for skin is 5.5. After exfoliating it can take up to an hour to get back to that. Toning restores the pH balance immediately. It removes all the left over impurities, shrinks the pores back to their normal size and gets the skin ready for moisturiser.

Here’s a recipe to try :

1 tbsp aloe vera juice

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

1 drop of your favourite essential oil/s

OR use Witch Hazel Water or Rose Water


This is the stage where it’s good to use a serum. Serums quickly moisturise and rejuvenate your face. That’s because they typically have a low molecular weight. It means the nutrients penetrate deeper than a regular moisturiser. So its good to do this first to give your skin that extra boost.


products protect and hydrate.  It helps with makeup application too. You can give your skin a helping hand by making sure you drink enough water. It helps keep your skin supple and moist.

The simplest option is to use an organic vegetable oil. Here’s a couple of options:

Sweet Almond Oil  contains glucosides, minerals, vitamins, is rich in protein and good for all skin types. It can be used neat or add a drop or two of essential oil of choice.

Grapeseed Oil is rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants, and like Sweet Almond Oil can be used neat.

Massage the oil into the skin with gentle,circular motion, leave 5 -10 minutes and wipe of any excess.


This is all about pampering your personal skin type with nutritional masks. There’s heaps of different DIY options to experiment with. Like this chocolate mask I made.

Another chocolate option to try :

Add yoghurt and honey to the chocolate mask

You can eat what’s left over!

OR use the internal side of that avocado peel and rub it all over  your face. It contains more than 25 essential nutrients and vitamins. The oil in it tightens and deeply penetrates the skin.

I love playing with DIY Kitchen Cosmetics!

Important note: Do yourself a favour and only use therapeutic grade essential oils. I prefer to use Young Living essential oils as I know and trust their quality.

Here’s to Looking Gorgeous!

 Raili Tanska

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8 thoughts on “Glowing Skin

  1. Lately I have been making my own oils for facial treatments. My doctor’s nurse couldn’t believe that the person (me) that he saw in March 2019 was the same one he visited in the hospital in 2.2019.

    My ingredients are similar to yours.

    Thank you for the information!

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