When Pain Roosts

We have become intimately familiar with pain in our household of late. Wikipedia describes it as a distressing feeling. Well, they sure got that right. Some of you may have read my posts about knee and heel pain. Having watched this TedEd video, I can confidently report that my intensity scale ranges anywhere from 0 … More When Pain Roosts

A Round Ship

Did you know that back in the late 1800’s the Russians built a round ship? The Novgorod monitor has the dubious reputation of being the worst ever warship to be constructed.  Built in the 1870’s, the hull was circular to reduce draught and allow it to carry more armour than other ships the same size. … More A Round Ship

Blue Mind

Every now and then something pops into my inbox that captures and captivates me. This week it was an ad for free 6 episode video series about something called Blue Mind. I’ve just watched episode two. It was about awe. Did you know that experiencing just two minutes a day of something that inspires awe … More Blue Mind