When Pain Roosts

We have become intimately familiar with pain in our household of late. Wikipedia describes it as a distressing feeling.

Well, they sure got that right. Some of you may have read my posts about knee and heel pain. Having watched this TedEd video, I can confidently report that my intensity scale ranges anywhere from 0 to 10.

My character  (who knew pain has developed a personality?) is at times sharp, dull, burning and aching.

I can reliably report that the superhighway (now we have anthropomorphised Pain travelling at speed) is more efficient at speeding along the networks and pathways better than vehicles travel  our roads.

This last week Mr Pain has also taken up residence in The Retired Husband’s networks. A sebaceous cyst became inflamed, severely infected.  Intensity was off the Richter scale. Character was beyond anything described. The superhighway was travelling at warp speed. All the way to the hospital and an operation to remove the offending cyst turned evil abscess in danger of erupting into sepsis.

Intravenous antibiotics joined the race along the superhighway which was flooded with fluids to drown the evil ones. The surgeon’s scalpel excised the offender. After two nights, he was allowed to come home. But each day a nurse comes to visit him. For more reminders of just how severe that Mr Pain can be when the dressing and packing gets changed.  In his shoulder resides a large cavity (do cavities reside?). It gets cleaned and packed and covered up.  Despite a pain dulling dose of meds the intensity hits a 10.

This morning the nurse found a wad of packing lurking in the cavern that had been shoved in there by the surgeons while he lay comatose on the operating table. It had been missed in the next two dressing changes. When it emerged at the end of the forceps, I stared in horror. What IS that? I screamed as I watched what looked like a lump of raw meat emerge. Fortunately no new infection had yet set in.

It can only get better from here on in. Except, while he was in hospital his credit card got hacked. And we have now lost internet connection, so I am hotspotting via my mobile.

Raili Tanska


19 thoughts on “When Pain Roosts

  1. They say bad things come in threes! You’re packing all yours into a short time! Hope everything sorts itself out for both of you soon! – All the best – Opher.

    1. Lucky I decided not to post any photos 😵And that’s just the half of it, Elaine. One of my friends came to within a couple of hours of losing his son due to sepsis – through a series of medical negligence events. So scary.

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