Raili’s Realm – using up left over yarn

Like himself, my hands have been busy creating too. I don’t like just sitting watching TV. My hands need something to do. So I have been using up odd bits of left over crochet cotton. Too lazy to concentrate on following patterns, I let my intuition guide me. There were many unravellings along the way to get it right. But I’m pretty happy with the results.

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Raili Tanska

Let the creative juices flow


20 thoughts on “Raili’s Realm – using up left over yarn

  1. That round star burst doily is my favourite. There are loads of Chinese shops in the town we’re in – and they sell a lot of crochet cotton. I just want to buy it, but have no idea what I’d do with it. These are inspiring!

    1. Thanks Safar 🙂 Buy it! And learn to crochet. I bet it’s cheaper than what i pay here. It’s not that hard to learn. There’s lots of YouTube videos out there

      1. Yes, probably, it’s not at all expensive. I do have some crochet basics – but it’s been a while. Maybe in time, but for now – got so much on my plate!

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