5 thoughts on “Sunday Serenity – Forgiveness

  1. Good, gentle advice, Raili. I’ve been thinking for a few years now that I seem to forgive others pretty quickly and pretty thoroughly, but I need to figure out how to forgive myself a bit more quickly and thoroughly. Maybe that’s the hard part for most of us? What do you think?

    1. You’re absolutely right, Paul. Self-forgiveness is so very hard. Yet to truly forgive others, we must forgive ourselves first. There are some good frameworks for doing just that.

      1. I confess, Raili, I thought at first, “Nope! I recall having fully forgiven others without fully forgiving myself. Raili speaks for herself, but not for me. Tee hee! I have my secrets, I do! Secrets even from Raili’s eagle eyes.”

        But then I realized I wasn’t looking hard enough. You are right after all. When I don’t fully forgive myself, I don’t fully forgive others either.

        How disgusting you know me better than I do! Peeping Tom, no doubt!

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