A Micronation within Australia

Hutt River Flag

On the 1st April in 1970, Leonard Casley kicked the Australian Government off his property at the Hutt River Province. I remember well the sensation it caused in the media at the time.

Located 517 km north of Perth in Western Australia, the Principality of Hutt River covers 75 square kilometres.  It issues its own currency, stamps and passports. The self-proclaimed Head of this micronation was HRH Prince Leonard until February 2017. Aged  91, having ruled as Head of State for 45 years, he abdicated the throne in favour of his youngest son, Prince Graeme. Prince Leonard died in February 2019, aged 93. 

Gotta admire the man. Here’s some interesting facts –

Motto: Dum Spiro Spero (While I Breathe, I Hope)

Anthem: “It’s a Hard Land” by Keith Kerwin

Capital: Nain

Official Languages: English, per constitution also French and Esperanto

Ethnic Groups: Anglo-Celtic Australians, Australian Aborigines (Nunda Tribe)

Demomyns: Hutt Riverian

Population: 30 full time residents

Purported Currency: Hutt River Dollar, tied 1:1 with Australian Dollar

Official Website: http://www.principality-hutt-river.com/

Vale HRH Prince Leonard

Raili Tanska

Dream Big


5 thoughts on “A Micronation within Australia

    1. Good question. And I don’t know the answer to that. It has been to Court in the early days. He remained independent, his fame has spread. It attracts a lot of tourists. I’m curious now. Will have to investigate.

    2. Prince Leonard took the government of Australia to Court for being in breach of various national and international laws – and he won. He even went as far as declaring war against Australia! His status as a seceded micronation was acknowledged by the Queen. This pdf makes an interesting read and goes into detail about the matter – http://www.principality-hutt-river.com/Principality%20Downloads/Historic%20Documents/Secession%20Documents/JUDICIAL%20FACTORS%20EFFECTING%20LEGALLITY%20OF%20SECESSION.pdf
      Sorry about the long url – I don’t know how else to do this.

  1. Well why not. Good for him. You know here we have always said ” The South will rise again” and with the way rhings are going it may bee sooner than anyone thought.

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