Shockwaves to my Foot

You may have read my recent post about the foot pain I have had of late. Self administration of an assortment of therapies and treatments has yielded a bit of improvement. Some days have been good. Monday gone was horrible and led me to administer heavy duty prescribed meds to ease the pain.

Today I had a heel pain assessment and the first of six shockwave therapy treatments. Until last week I didn’t even know that a heel pain clinic existed.  Turns out I have plantar fasciosis, not fasciitis. Same devil, different causes. Treatment of choice is  shockwave therapy. Along with some other things like home exercises.

So what does this therapy do? A lot it turns out –

Breaks up calcification

Releases trigger points

Blood vessels are remodeled, stimulated to grow and new ones are formed. Which in turn improves blood supply and oxygenation, therefore faster healing

Reverses chronic inflammation

Stimulates collagen production for repair processes

This is what it looks and sounds like.

From my end of the experience I felt the shock waves on my foot, obviously – and in my jaw. My teeth were clattering. A little. I called the shots for the strength of shocks. So I told the podiatrist to ramp it up. It didn’t feel strong enough. By the end of the treatment, which only lasted a few minutes, I was ready to call it quits. It was starting to hurt – a lot. A bit like being attached to a modern, electronic torture chamber. I may be being a tad  melodramatic, but it hurt!

In the meantime himself was patiently sitting in the waiting room playing with his mobile phone blissfully unaware of his dearly beloved’s pain.

Shockwave therapy is good for fast pain relief and mobility restoration. It is non-invasive. The wave itself is acoustic and carries high energy to tendons, ligaments, muscles, bones to help regenerate and repair damage.

At the end of the session my foot was strapped to provide support whilst healing. Now, some six hours post treatment, I have had a few sharp stabs of pain. To be expected I was told. My heel is a bit tender but overall there is an improvement. I return in a week for the next round of torture.

Raili Tanska

Love yourself

21 thoughts on “Shockwaves to my Foot

  1. I’m sorry to hear or should that be read it 😳 I’ve heard that condition can be painful, wishing you better soon or at least hopefully more comfortable ❤️

    1. In terms of pain, Elaine, it’s right up there hovering at 10 on the worst days. Slowly improving. Hoping this treatment will skyrocket the healing.

  2. Ouch… my hubby experienced this painful heal complaint and I hope this treatment brings relief Raili I hadn’t heard of this type of treatment for this complaint.. Poor Hubby was only offered an instep rise to lift his instep up.. He suffered for months… Thankfully it righted itself.. ❤
    Sending love and healing thoughts that you are soon on the mend. ❤

    1. Thanks Sue. From what I’ve read Shockwave therapy has been around over 3 decades, perhaps just not well known or used. Hopefully he does not have a recurrence. On a brighter note, however, he will know what to ask for

  3. Yikes as well! I hate to say it but I think you may have had it easier the first run, not *totally* knowing what to expect. Sometimes it’s worse mentally once you do know! Feel better!

      1. Holla, holla! I was just explaining to my daughter the other day where the term “bite the bullet” came from…Maybe you need a bullett!! 😲😲

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