9 thoughts on “Sunday Serenity – Creativity

  1. The one thing that works for me to inspire creativity is a muse. Normally, I’m a fast paced walker when it comes to being creative. Fast paced, but I walk. Having a muse in my life is like hitching a ride on a racing horse.

      1. You so often ask the insightful questions, Raili. It reveals you’re no fool and is thus a mortal sin against modesty. 😀

        As it happens, I am currently flooded and underwater with real life Muses. That is, I now have two of them riding me, hounding me, agitating me. Pesky ones too! Their technique is to ask innumerable questions about anything and everything that pops into their heads. I ask myself why they demand answers of me, and not shoo off looking for answers elsewhere, Raili, but I have no clue why me.

        Any way, they ask their questions, and so often now, they inspire poems and posts with their questions.

        Their names are Terese and Marysa. To me they are muses. To them I’m some kind of elder. And maybe someday, I might take on a brief, but somewhat larger role to them. I posted about the possibility of that larger role today in a terrifying piece called “The Gatekeeper”.

      2. Gosh, I am now too modest to claim to be modest! Not sure that makes any kind of sense. It might to you.
        My energy is deflated, scattered, torn apart after a boisterous morning of puppy sitting – that’s my excuse.
        I did scan that terrifying piece, Paul. It terrified me enough not to dare post a response – at least not till your muses have considered and written theirs.

      3. Terese has responded — but privately, in an email. And wisely. Very wisely. She stated that she was scared to death of “staying home”, but that her decision to leave could not be made consciously by her or else it would be fake, and she would not be truly committed to it. So she’s holding out for a true decision. I couldn’t be more proud of her.

        Marysa, unfortunately, is suffering today. She’s bi-polar and she tells me she’s suffering unusually hard today even for her. So the last thing on her mind is to make any decisions today about anything. She’s pretty much a black hole today. Not much has been escaping the gravity imploding her into herself. About a dozen brief emails from her — for her, that’s the equivalent of a black out. She can fire off dozens in a normal day.

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