Poll – What Do I Call It

The other day I asked for suggestions about what to call my equivalent of the Man Cave.  I got heaps of fabulous suggestions. Now I need your help to make a decision. So I created a poll.  tick a box or three and let me know what you like best. Raili Help a friend in … More Poll – What Do I Call It

What Do I Call It?

Himself – the Retired Husband – has a Man Cave. Fair enough. It works. It fits.  Mysterious manly things go on in there. It is a testosterone ridden zone which one enters with fear and trepidation if one does not have the requisite loading of – testosterone. But I now have a dilemma. You see, … More What Do I Call It?

The Black Mask

I’ve been at it again. I nourished my skin. With a pure charcoal tissue mask impregnated with black algae. To my credit, I restrained myself and waited till the father-in-law was safely tucked away in his home in Queensland. Just  in case, you know, he got scared. Himself is so used to it, I did … More The Black Mask

Sooo tired……..

  For decades I’ve complained “Can’t sleep!”  I seem to have had lots of those nights lately. So I dug up this old post for a reread and thought I’d share it with you too. Insomnia of course is a technical term for it. The dictionary defines it as a “sleep disorder in which there is … More Sooo tired……..