New Puppies

Life just got a whole lot more busy. Christopher and Alisha introduced us to their newly acquired puppy on Friday, 6 week old Tilly. She is a bundle of cuteness.

Lo and behold, on Saturday afternoon, Tilly had cloned into two! She has been joined by her brother Kobe.

All of a sudden we find ourselves puppy sitting while mum and dad go to work. Even more of a necessity now their family has doubled in size.

And of course, Tess has to be socialised to two boisterious, ankle biting, fur pulling bundles of bouncing energy. She has never had to share her home with any other fourlegged creatures so this is a whole new learning curve for her. And us.

So far she is doing surprisingly well. Even let the babies take over her bed and bone. The green eyed monster emerges only when she has to share my attention with them – and she has had her fill of little yappy babies.

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Raili Tanska

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26 thoughts on “New Puppies

  1. Gosh, busy busy Raili and TRH. Glad to hear that Tess is adapting so well to the little puppies, can’t be easy for her to her her space invaded by two noisy, boisterous babies. Good luck with the baby sitting.

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