Teaching an Old Dog New Stuff: Pt 2

What did you say ?

A couple weeks ago I wrote about this dog training webinar I had just watched.

Since then Tess has been undergoing a training regime.

She is living proof that it IS possible to teach an old dog new stuff.

Using the tools and tips suggested in the webinar has produced quick results.

I am impressed.

She has stopped  begging for food at the table.

She has stopped jumping up on visitors.

She will go sit on her bed when cued. The cue is simple – a click on the training clicker thingy, a visual cue pointing at her bed, and the word command.

She has stopped – almost – barking at people. When she does start, she will stop on command. Except for yesterday. We had two strangers in the house delivering our new lounge suite. That proved to be a bit too much to handle. But it did provide a good opportunity for more training.

These are the magic tools. The pink thing is the clicker. Nothing like stating the obvious!

Raili Tanska



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