What Do I Call It?

Himself – the Retired Husband – has a Man Cave. Fair enough. It works. It fits.  Mysterious manly things go on in there. It is a testosterone ridden zone which one enters with fear and trepidation if one does not have the requisite loading of – testosterone.

But I now have a dilemma. You see, I want a name for my  room. Mysterious womanly things go on in there. The air is infused with the gentle, soothing aroma of oestrogen.

Somehow, Craft Room doesn’t quite cut it. It doesn’t have ‘the ring’ to it that Man Cave has. So I did what I do when looking for answers and googled it.

As this blog is not X rated, I cannot share most of what I found. Here is the sanitised version of options –

  • Womb Room
  • She Shed
  • Femme Den
  • Lady Lounge

Truth be told, none of them really resonate with me. I am at a loss. Can you help?

Here is a sample of recent creations to have emerged from there. Yes, these are handcrafted. But other things happen in there too.

Raili Tanska

Nurture the soul

22 thoughts on “What Do I Call It?

  1. I like she shed, but perhaps the shed word throws some women off. Hmmm, female zone? Craft Cave? The Studio-women only allowed….

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