Teaching an Old Dog New Stuff Pt 1

Yesterday I came across an ad for a free live webinar. Unlike a lot of others, this was available here at a decent time, not at some ungodly hour when I am fast asleep. So I signed up. And have just finished listening to it.  It was about dog training. Tess is old. She has grey whiskers on her chin. And she is getting grumpy. So I wasn’t sure if it was too late to teach an old dog new tricks. Apparently not.

Madam aka Tess, has some behaviours that are less than lady like. My mission now is to work with her to change them.

What I like about this training method is that it’s a gentle, hands off one.  The techniques are ones used in training Service Dogs. And we all know how well trained and clever those dogs are. Apparently the methods work equally as well for puppies, geriatrics, rescue dogs, abused dogs…. any dogs in fact.

Here’s a couple of videos. See what you think –

Raili Tanska

Love your pets

22 thoughts on “Teaching an Old Dog New Stuff Pt 1

  1. Hmmmm. Not so impressed with the videos. I’m in the middle of training a rescue dog who did everything anyone could ever dream of. We are getting on well, but slowly. I agree with the “leave” command. It should be one of the first. But “sit” is the first in my opinion as it also corrects the jumping. A sitting dog is not a jumping dog. Command “sit” also indicates the expectation of more directives to follow. Funny, I also posted on training today. But on the command “down”. “Down” means lying down waiting, not “get off” ( the sofa,chair,table). Rescue dog already knows “leave”. It can be used for postmen, other dogs, rabbits, children, toys, and visitors! Wonderful command! I have never seen him returning to a default, first training command ever like is suggested in your video. Also, the step away toy jumping video would not, to my mind, stop a little dog jumping on people. Poor things, they are so short, they can’t see anything but feet! We havent cracked rescue dogs jumping on laps behaviour. He just luuuuves eveyone SO much! Interesting post. Thank you.

      1. Its amazing how dogs LOVE training sessions! I find short sessions, several times a day, repeat repeat repeat works. The dog’s self esteem lifts – it’s guite amazing how “important” they look at the start. I am not a dog training expert, I’m only a dog training enthusiast. It makes such a difference! Please keep us up to date! And best success to both of you “oldies”!

  2. I’m back like a bad case of morning breath! How you doing, Raili?

    I know nothing about training dogs, but I was once told by someone who it seems did known a thing or two, that dogs actually want to learn. When they mess up or don’t get something right, they are not — as many people assume — putting up resistance or a fight, they are simply confused or something else along those lines. Does that make sense to you?

      1. It seems that every now and then I feel a need to take a few months — sometimes longer — off from blogging in order to recharge myself. Otherwise, I start getting all sorts of writer’s block and stuff.

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