11 thoughts on “Saturday Smiles – Snow Stuff : ‘cos it’s hot here

    1. Pity. I think it would be fun to do something really creative with snow. Dad built me a cubby igloo one winter when we were still living in Finland. Snow furnished and all

  1. Oh wow. Raili, thankyou so much for sharing these. Those guys can sing!!! Amazing. And I loved the different snow sculptures. The snow man eating the person and the car being eaten by the crocodile, in fact all of them have made my day. It’s been snowing here in the UK, heatwaves for you in Australia. I’d like to swap with you. Happy Saturday x

    1. Unfortunately not – we went to a beach wedding yesterday evening. It was still over 35, with no shade, no seats, no wind…. I stayed in the cool, air conditioned hotel drinking beer until the vows were done and they surfaced back into a more civilised venue…

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