11 thoughts on “Radical Compassion

  1. That sense of belonging is the ONLY way we will see the end of mass shootings, bombings and slaughter. People who are waiting for the immigrant shoe to drop, the Muslim shoe to stomp and the tattooed people to bust into their homes are missing the point- and may die without seeing it. We have to surround them with love, anyway.

  2. Oh my goodness Raili, what an emotional speech. And what amazing work Homeboys do. He is right, we are all related, and we need to stop judging and show care and compassion and respect to each other..
    The lack of respect and division is penetrating so many organisations.. Including the British Parliament, which has been showing such a lack of respect in their shouting matches in debates and PM Question times.

    Until we have walked in their shoes!..

    Sending Love your way Raili.. very relevant for these times of separation.
    ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Thank you for your lovely comments, Sue. It is not only your parliament that behaves in appalling ways – it’s not better here. And from what I’ve seen, elsewhere too. They should all go back to kindergarten to learn how to play nicely with each.
      Much love to you too for this New Year, Sue. May it be one of increasing tolerance and peace

      1. Agreed Raili, Its got worse, and people are becoming impatient and less tolerant too..

        I showed my hubby what your husband had made, he was well impressed with his skills.. 🙂

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